As little as 5-7 days, each situation is different.

No you will not. We always recommend seeking an attorney for any questions.

Good question, our process in simple, we look at location, what repairs are needed, condition, and the values of comparable houses sold in that area. We take everything into consideration, and provide a cash offer within 24 hours of walk through.

Our Happy Clients are:

Clients selling a house owned by an elderly parent.

Clients relocating and need to sell home fast.

Clients going through a divorce and need to liquidate assets, fast.

Clients behind on payments and/or are facing foreclosure.

Clients that would rather sell their home than make all the repairs they do not have the time, or money to make.

Clients who have an investment/rental property they want out of.


YES! With our proven system and many years of experience we are 100% sure we can make appropriate changes to home and market it at a fair price, with success. We have professional contractors at our finger-tips, no job is to big or too small.

Nope, a no pressure, no obligation walkthrough is the first step. After the walkthrough is complete and everything is accounted for, we will generate a cash offer for you.

Nope, we buy all types of properties in Minnesota : houses, commercial properties, condos, townhouses, land, and multi-family housing.

You are paid immediately after closing, which can happen in as little as 5-7 days.

We do, we incur all costs, there is absolutely no out of pocket expenses to our clients, our service is free.