Need To Sell Your Home Fast?

In a tough spot with a home that needs to be sold?

My proven system and expert team will not only make this a seamless process but will also pay you a fair price for your home.  We are quick, decisive, fair, and have the capital to get you paid.

With so many fly by night real estate investors, Who do I choose?

We get it, the ebbs and flows of life can often leave people in first time situations that provide little direction, and usually even less background knowledge in the art of solving those challenges.

We all understand what A and B are, but sometimes are not sure how to connect the dots, that is where we come in.  When it comes to a real estate : be it a house, townhouse, condo, duplex, investment property, cabin, lake home, vacation home, or hunting land – We are here to help!


Selling your distressed property in Minnesota? Is your financial situation forcing you to sell your home? Bill has the solution.Bill Buys Houses is one of the most sought after real estate partner whose specialization is buying distressed homes in MN. If you are looking for a distressed home buyer Minneapolis, then you’d be glad to know that we can purchase your distressed property in cash without further questions – whether your property is located in or out of Minneapolis. With us, you don’t need to wait for many weeks before your house is sold. More importantly, you don’t need to spend money for repairs just to get a fair price of the property that you are selling.


Home Buyer Saint Paul and Minneapolis: Sell Your House Quickly

Selling a home involves a lot of emotions, especially if you’re facing a foreclosure or having some trouble with your first house that the only way to go is to sell it. If you have distressed property, it may need a lot of time before you can finally dispose it and get your needed cash. Indeed, selling distressed property quickly can be a daunting task.

However when you choose our team, you can rest assured that you’d be able to dispose your property in no time. We have been helping homebuyers solve their real estate problems by offering innovative solutions that will enable them to meet their goals. Having been in the real estate business for many years already, we are proud to say that we are experienced in this field and we know what property owner needs.

As your choice of Twin Cities home buyer, we focus on working with owners who are having a hard time selling their houses and other properties due to the properties’ physical conditions and locations as well as the owners’ financial situations. We commit ourselves to helping the residents of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, and even those who live outside the area, by buying their unwanted house immediately.

  • We don’t require much paperwork.
  • We buy your house on “as-is” and “where as” basis.
  • When we visit your property location, we make an offer and pay in cash.
  • We handle the closing costs.
  • We have worked with a lot of homeowners for the past years.
  • We understand what every home and property owner feels and wants when it comes to distressed property.

We buy houses in Saint Paul and Minneapolis for cash. Looking for Minneapolis ugly home buyer? We have the capability to close as quickly as seven days if you need us to, no matter how bad your house look like! Rest assured that we would pay you a fair purchase price for your property. We are your serious 24 hour Twin Cities home buyer and we require no appraisal and charge no fees.

If you’re an owner of a distressed property, we are always in the lookout to buy all types of properties in any condition. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Meet Bill

Bill Bergeson - Real Estate Expert
Bill Bergeson
Real Estate Expert

As a Professional Real Estate Consultant, Bill has a deep understanding of buying and selling property.

“The Bergeson Group”, Bill’s real estate group does over a 100 transactions per year, and consistently exceeds client expectations. Bill also operates within “ReMax Synergy” as a top real estate agent representing buyers and sellers of all kinds.

Bill belongs to the following professional groups : SPAAR (St. Paul Area Association of Realtors), MNAR (Minnesota Association of Realtors), NAR (National Association of Realtors), and also is a Zillow Premier Agent.



My experience with Bill was perfect! Everything he said is what happened. That was a big concern for me. The situation could not have worked out better for me.

Dennis Mroziak

I contacted Bill and we agreed on a price within 2 days. I didn't have to repair or renovate anything. I received almost exactly what I was asking! Thank you for making the transaction so smooth and painless.


We inherited the house from my mother who passed away, and none of us wanted to carry on the burden of taxes and HOA fees and letting things accumulate, as well as the condition of the property. Bill made the process seamless and easy.