You may be wondering why do we buy ugly houses? Perhaps you may be wondering if your house might be too ugly for us to buy? If your home is in disarray, or if it needs major renovating, then it doesn’t matter. It really is that simple. We’ll take it off of your hands. And if you still doubt that it may not meet our expectations, then let me emphasize that the uglier the house–the better! Give us a call. The worst we can say in “no”. And guess what…we’ve see it all…and we’ve haven’t said “no” to any families yet.

Our experience allows us to walk into your home take a look at it and do a quick inspection and realize how much money it’s going to take to repair the home so that we can make money at our investment.

This allows us to very quickly identify how much money we can offer you so that one it makes sense to you and you get the money that you wanting to get… and that we get a deal that makes sense to us and we can get the money that we want to get. Sound fair?

We Buy Houses Any Condition

The nice thing about the experience we have is that we’ve sold houses in nearly every neighborhood and every city in the state of Minnesota. We’re your neighbor. This means that we know how the market and we are familiar with how much money is going to take to fix up your so that a new couple can come in and start a new chapter together with their family.

This means we are more inclined to buy houses that are in any condition because we already know how much we have to put into it to make it work for us. But let’s be honest here, if your house is in disarray, then it will require significantly more attention, supplies, and man power to ensure that it’s structurally sound and looking beautiful. So the more damage to the property, then the lower the offer will be. However, our offers are extremely competitive and we expect that you’ll be happy with our price so that you feel completely satisfied with your decision.

No matter the circumstances or the urgency we will work with you and do our absolute best to make the entire process fast and stress free as possible. We understand that you have history with the home and we believe this can be an overwhelming big decision for you to make for your family.

If you have a lot on your plate weighing you down, then give us a call. We make it possible for you to avoid the traditional way of selling your house where the buyer is going to ask for all kinds of contingencies and repairs to be made. Since we are the buyers, you wont need to worry about any leaks, cracks, stains, mold, or rotted wood. Leave that to us, and call us today. 

We Make It Simple To Sell Property Fast

Whether you are stuck with a house from a relative that you can’t afford to keep up, or you’re trying to avoid foreclosure, or you’ve got a house that needs so many repairs and you don’t have the money or the income to make those repairs… you can still sell your property fast, to us.

Rest assured that we don’t judge you on your circumstances or what led up to making you have to sell your house. We’re simply here to help. We know that stuff happens, some of that stuff is even happen to us. So when we come to your house after you submit the form below, we won’t judge you or degrade you while we walk around and take a look.

Instead we’ll use our experience with houses that we’ve sold in your neighborhood, we’ll figure out how much it’s going to take to fix the house and sell it for what we need to, and then we’re going to tell you how much we’re going to give you for it.

Look…most of the time we find that the problems you are going through they’re really not your fault, they’re just circumstances that you have to go through. But we just want you to know that we’re here for you and we want to make it the best experience it can possibly be for you.

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