For over ten years, we buy houses in MN consistently. We have the experience to buy your house quickly and safely. We have partnered with an amazing title company and an equally amazing escrow company whose job it is to ensure that the entire transaction goes smoothly. This is all everyday business as usual for us, but it’s wonderful to be teamed up with highly qualified companies who also want to give you a pleasant, all around, experience.

We primarily purchase houses that are under $500,000. And we also will buy rental properties, condos and commercial properties.

One of the biggest advantages to working with us is that there is no need to make any repairs. Honestly, you don’t even need to life a finger. Save all of that energy for packing up your belongings and preparing to move. If your goal is to unload your home and put cash into your pocket, then that is exactly what we are here for. You can avoid painting, repairs, and cleaning.

Simply give us a call. We’ll give you a quote. You pack your belongings, and we’ll put money in your pocket when you’e ready to part with the home. It really is just that simple.

We have a team of investors that collectively have a bunch of money and we’re looking to invest that by buying homes just like yours. We work together to do things in a streamlined fast way so that you can sell your home fast and not have the headaches associated with a traditional real estate sale.

We Buy Houses For Cash

You might be thinking, “hey, are you just like all those other Real Estate Investors out there that want to give me the lowest price and then turn around and get a mortgage, and make the process take so much longer and have so many more hoops to jump through?” Well, in short no, we’re not.

Instead, we buy houses cash. This doesn’t mean that we first have to go sell a house in order to get the cash. We’ve got the cash now which means we’re ready to close in 7 days so you can get rid of the problem fast. No more worrying about paying mortgage payments, paying taxes, paying HOA fees, managing the yard cleaning the house. We’ve got your back because we know that you have a life and that you need to get on with it so we’re ready to buy your home cash now.

This also means there’s less paperwork, there’s no time wasted to get approved for a mortgage, there’s less time because we don’t have to do an appraisal, and there’s less time because we don’t have to do all kinds of inspections to get approved with a loan. Our goal is to provide fast reliable service in buying your home and that’s what we do every time.

Fastest Way To Sell A House

Without exception, the fastest way to sell a house is to sell it to an investor who’s got a bunch of liquid cash who’s ready to give that to you in a fast transaction. if you sell your house the traditional way where you hire a realtor… they list your home for sale on the MLS and then 30 to 60 to 90 days later you have people come into your home looking at your house making an offer that’s contingent upon loan approval…

You see where I’m going with that? It’s a long drawn-out process that you don’t need to go through. There is a time and a place for a regular real estate transaction, but when you’re in the situation that you are in right now… you need to get rid of your home fast and the fastest way to do that is by selling to an investor who’s got cash in their pockets ready to give it to you… without requiring a bunch of hoops that you have to jump through, AKA which is my team and I!

The only paperwork is the transfer of title and a purchase contract. You want it fast and we’re giving it to you!

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