Every Document Needed When Selling Your Own Home

by | Apr 6, 2024

No matter how you slice it, selling a home means dealing with a whole lot of paperwork. That’s because a home sale is one of the most complicated legal endeavors most people will engage in during their lifetimes. 

Navigating this process can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be with a little bit of preparation. At Bill Buys Houses, we help homeowners simplify the process when they’re selling their homes. In this post, we’re breaking down the key documents needed during a home sale. 

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Why So Much Paperwork?

One of the first things to understand about all of the red tape involved in a home sale is that it’s really up to your local government to determine what paperwork is needed. 

In Minnesota, you can download a PDF file from the Minnesota Attorney General’s office to find out everything you need to do when selling your home. This helpful book is filled with plenty of great advice to guide sellers through the process. 

Anytime you’re selling to a buyer working with a mortgage lender, you’re also going to have to deal with more paperwork. 

When you work with a real estate agent or an attorney, they’ll talk you through the required paperwork and help you gather all the documentation needed. 

However, if you’re selling a home on your own without a realtor, you’ll need to gather everything yourself. 

The Necessary Paperwork For Selling A Home In Minnesota

The first thing to know about selling a home is that every state has its own regulations. What’s required in one state isn’t always needed in another, so it’s important to determine the local laws in your area. Most of this information is available on county and state government websites. 

When you’re working with a real estate agent, he or she will sort through the needed paperwork for you. Remember, there are differences between working with a real estate agent versus an investor. 

If you’re planning to handle the sale on your own without a real estate agent, it may be worthwhile to connect with a real estate attorney. This may protect you against any potential liability during or after the sale.

These are some of the main documents you should gather before selling your home.

Original Sales Contract

Before selling your home, you’ll need a copy of your own sales contract from when you purchased the house from its previous owner. 

This demonstrates that you have the legal right to make the sale and share any important disclosures and the previous sale price. 

Mortgage Documents

Include all of your mortgage documents, including loan payoff information.


Every time a home changes hands, a professional appraisal is required to assess the fair market value and how much a lender is willing to lend for the mortgage. 

Unless you’re working with a cash buyer who won’t need to finance the purchase, you will need a fresh new professional appraisal. 

Permits Or Plans

If you invested in upgrades during your ownership and they required a permit, keep a copy of those permits and any related plans in your homeowner’s file. 

Maintenance Records And Warranties

Unless you’re selling your home as-is to a cash buyer, you’ll need to gather all of your home repair and seasonal maintenance documentation. 

Include a record of any utility work, roof or home exterior repairs, and chimney and dryer vent cleanings. Records of warranties are useful to find as well. Some warranties are transferable to the new homeowner. 

Property Survey

A property survey outlines the legal boundaries of a property and includes important information about structures, driveways, fences, and any other key features. 


If you have any home improvements that will be under warranty at the time of the sale, gather all the warranty information into a file. 


Save the manuals for any appliances you’ve replaced over the years and include them along with your warranties. 

This includes items like the dishwasher, washing machine, clothing dryer, garbage disposal, garbage compactor, humidifier, smart home thermostat, and stove, just to name a few. 

Local School Information

Many buyers want to know which local school district a home is located in. Print up information related to the schools in your area and include this in your documentation file for potential buyers. 

Homeowners Association (HOA) Information

Gather all of your HOA covenants and agreements if you live in an area with an HOA. This may include HOA regulation information related to pet ownership, parking requirements, noise levels, home improvements, yard work, and more. 

Be sure to include the HOA’s rules and regulations, bylaws, dues statements, articles of incorporation, and any other pertinent documentation.

Loan Documentation

All information related to the first or second mortgage as well as any home equity loans, should be collected and kept with the title information for the home.

Utility Bills

Most buyers will want to see an average monthly bill so they can know what to expect if they purchase the home. 

News Items

If you live in a home with a unique history or local significance, keep copies of any news articles or web features for potential buyers to check out. 

Blueprints Or Floor Plans

If you have access to the floor plan of your home, this is a good way to give potential buyers additional insight into the size and layout of your home and any features that make your home unique. 

Disclosure Form

Transparency is more than just a good idea when selling a home. It’s also a legal obligation and a potential liability if the buyer decides to file a lawsuit for failure to disclose important information. 

You’ll need to disclose the presence of asbestos, lead paint, environmental hazards, mold, water damage, flooding, property disputes, and any other significant problems. 

Home Insurance Records

Your buyer will need a copy of your homeowner’s insurance information and any claims information that occurred while or before you were the owner of the home. 

Title Report

You’ll need to include a title report that documents ownership of the home and any important information related to the history of ownership.


Receipts on anything that is warranted or any features that were recently added should be collected for the next buyer. This includes appliances and fixtures that you replaced during your ownership of the property. 

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Some situations we’ve seen in the past include: 

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