We are one of the state’s top companies that buy houses here in MN. In recent years there have been a number of people who have gotten into real estate investing. But the average agent isn’t selling even a single home a month, and the overwhelming majority will drop out of the industry just was quickly as they arrived. Not us.

There is no replacement for experience. I know you have to learn things you have to study and you have to find the right information, however when you put that information to use and gain the experience there really is nothing that can replace that.

When you drive down the street and you see a sign that says “will buy your home cash”, how do you know that you can trust that the individual knows what they’re doing? You don’t. That is why working with us just makes sense. We are licensed agents, and as such, we are accountable to governing bodies that ensure that we’re following strict code of ethics. Nowadays…finding someone that will simply look out for your best interest is becoming more and more difficult to come by. Luckily for you…you’ve already found us.

Do you want to work with a newbie real estate investor or do you want to work with an investor and their team who’s dealt with hundreds of transactions? Yeah I know what you’re thinking and me too I would rather work with the person who has the experience.

One of the biggest advantages to working with a company that buys houses that’s about a lot of houses… is that we know what we can buy and what we can’t. This means we won’t waste your time with you thinking that we’re going to buy your house when we’re really not. You don’t have that kind of time on your hands and it’s really not fair to you. So we’re going to work to protect you from that in allowing you to work with us.

Quick Sale Home

There’s a lot of people wondering how they can sell their house fast, so you’re not alone, but not everyone is finding the same things. I’m sure as you’ve searched on the internet for a company that could buy your house fast you’ve probably seen a lot of different companies right.

The main thing to know is that we’ve been doing this so long that we streamlined our system so that we can buy your house within 5 to 7 days but very little impact on you and very little hassle. Which means you get money within a week or two instead of several months or maybe even a year.

Cash Home Buyers

Through the hundreds of real estate transactions that my team and I have gone through, I’ve seen a lot of buyers claim that they can purchase with cash when really they can’t. So let me explain that… there will be companies and individual investors that will tell you they can buy your home cash, but really what they’re saying is hey I can get a loan so fast that you can think of it as the same as cash since we can close faster. but that’s not the same at all. As you know if you get a loan whether it’s a hard money loan or regular mortgage there’s always much more red tape. There’s additional reports there’s additional approvals there’s additional everything and that means more time that you have to get stuck with the house that you need to get rid of.

So when your say you’re looking for a cash home buyer, you found it because that’s what we specialize in. We purchase your home with cash that means we can close the deal within 5 to 7 days now sometimes that can vary depending on the situation, however we’ve got the funds right now in our bank that we’re ready to transfer to you.

Of course not everyone will qualify for us to buy their home. Just like not everyone is going to buy your house, we don’t buy everyone’s house that contacts us. You’re never going to know unless you submit that form down at the bottom of this page. Go ahead submit the form and contact us will get started right away and we’ll give you a fair honest deal. If we’re going to buy the house you’ll know it right away.

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