5 Popular Neighborhoods in St. Paul, Minnesota
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5 Popular Neighborhoods in St. Paul, Minnesota
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5 Popular Neighborhoods in St. Paul, Minnesota

What’s your favorite neighborhood in or near the Twin Cities? After working with hundreds of real estate clients to buy their homes or to help sell their homes, our team at Bill Buys Houses is familiar with several popular communities across the greater metro area.

No matter where you live near the Twin Cities, we’ll buy your house for cash! But of course, some areas are especially desirable to new homeowners. We’re listing five of the most popular St. Paul neighborhoods below.

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1. Macalester Groveland

Macalester Groveland is a charming neighborhood on the southwest side of St. Paul. With a big student population due to its proximity to Macalester College and the University of St. Thomas, it has a college-town feel – complete with plenty of bars, restaurants, parks, and coffee shops.

Macalester Groveland is an established neighborhood, and thus, it has a tight-knit community where most residents own their homes.

2. Como Park

Como is a popular destination for families and relaxation, with the neighborhood completely encircling the park and Como Lake. This area is filled with single-family homes for folks who like a little more room, and with the Como Zoo so close by and events near the park year-round, it’s obviously a fantastic spot to raise children.

If you want to sell your property for cash or avoid the hassle of upgrades before you sell, we are ready to pay in cash for your Como Park property!

3. Hamline-Midway

The Hamline-Midway area of St. Paul is located on the west side, with Hamline University as one of the main points of attraction. Even though there are so many students around, the area is often tranquil.

Both modest and medium-sized single-family homes can be found in Hamline-Midway, where there is a pretty equal balance of homeowners and renters.

4. Highland Park

Highland Park is a sizable neighborhood (24,589 residents in 2010) located in the southwest corner of St. Paul, along the Mississippi River. Its size and distance from the city center make it more suburban than the other neighborhoods on this list. It’s been called a “little slice of small town within the big city.”

If you own an inherited property and want to sell and reinvest or wish to sell pre-foreclosure, we can help you by making you a good offer for your Highland Park property!

5. Dayton’s Bluff

The Dayton area has a mix of beautiful older homes and many postwar buildings. Located close to the Mississippi River, this neighborhood offers a great site-seeing for its residents. There are many schools in Dayton’s Bluff, including the popular Twin Cities Academy Middle School.

If you need to sell any of your properties as is in Dayton’s Bluff, we are ready to make it happen for you!

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