Popular Housing Markets in the Twin Cities
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Popular Housing Markets in the Twin Cities
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Popular Housing Markets in the Twin Cities

In recent years, Minneapolis and Saint Paul have witnessed tremendous growth in population, economy, and the real estate sector. Hence, the Twin Cities have a lot of real estate attractions. With houses selling so fast and more people moving into the area, the local housing market continues to boom.

A January report by the Star Tribune shows that due to the rising quest for expansion and lower prices in housing accommodation, homebuyers are exploring all the available housing market options near Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Below, we at Bills Buy Houses have curated some of the hottest housing markets in the Twin cities. Some of our picks are based on the 2021 Star Tribune's Hot Housing Index.

1. Minnetrista

Located in Hennepin County with a population of about 7,621 people, Minnetrista is one of Minnesota's greatest places to live. Inhabitants enjoy a rural lifestyle, and most residents own their houses.

There are several parks in this city, as well as good public schools. Minnetrista is a small town with many families and conservative citizens. The median home value is about $477,800.

2. Cambridge

Cambridge is a town with a population of 8,774 in Isanti County. Living in Cambridge provides inhabitants with a good suburban atmosphere and most people living here own their houses.

Cambridge is home to many families and seniors, and people are generally conservative. The median home value in this town is around $157,700.

3. St. Francis

Here is another town in the Twin Cities metro area with a modest population of about 7,652. St. Francis is in Anoka County, a place filled with residential homeowners.

St. Francis boasts of standard public schools and a low rating in crime. The city also has a median home value of $214,500.

4. Isanti

Another hot area where the housing market is booming is the town of Isanti. In Isanti, the average price per square foot was around 35% compared to the previous five-year average.

In recent years, houses in Isanti have been selling on an average of 16 days from the time of listing. With a population of 5,749 and some good public schools, the local housing market is rising fast.

5. Lindstrom

Lindstrom is a small town with a population of 4,614. Lindstrom inhabitants enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, and most people own their houses.

Lindstrom is primarily populated by seniors, and its population is conservative, with a median home value of about $211,400. Lindstrom's public schools are known to be above average.

6. Dayton

Here is another city in Hennepin County – a Twin Cities suburb with a population of about 5,817.

As a fast-growing metropolitan area, Dayton serves as a host community for many homeowners. The median home value in Dayton is valued at $298,600.

7. Montrose

Montrose is another interesting place to buy a house near Minneapolis and St. Paul. It has a modest population of about 3,182, and most people in Montrose own their homes.

Speaking of which – houses are selling super fast in the city. The median home value in Montrose is $176,200.

8. Delano

Delano is one of the best places to buy a house in Wright County. It has a population of about 6,085 and offers many opportunities to homeowners in terms of access to the metropolitan areas, good public schools, and some employment opportunities. The median home value in Delano is $258,700.

9. Princeton

Princeton is yet another Twin Cities-area town where the housing market is booming. With a population that comprises both homeowners and renters in their numbers, Princeton has a mixed population with a median home value of $141,500.

10. Stacy

Stacy is a small town in Chisago County. It has a small but growing population of about 1,987 and most residents are homeowners.

Stacy's real estate market is booming, as it is lowly populated and people are willing to own a home there. The median home value in Stacy is $163,400.

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