Selling an Ugly Home 101
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Selling an Ugly Home 101
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Selling an Ugly Home 101

Selling a house can be a daunting proposition. And even in the best of markets, it isn’t guaranteed to be an easy task if the house you’re selling has less-than-desirable curb appeal. But if you need to sell an ugly home, thankfully, all is not lost.

There are many steps you can take to help get the best possible deal when selling your home. Sometimes, even a little effort can go a long way toward getting to the closing table faster. Bill Buys Houses has plenty of experience buying ugly houses, and we know what works.

Here’s our best advice for selling an ugly home and what we can do to help if you need to sell yours fast.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Your house may not be the most glamorous castle on the block, but almost all houses have a feature or features that can be highlighted in a listing.

Perhaps the backyard is full of gorgeous trees or the master bedroom has a unique period fireplace. Use details like these to your advantage. For some buyers, these draws may be enough to help them overlook less desirable traits.

Take professional photos, and use images that exemplify the best features to make them prominent for potential buyers.

Use thorough descriptions to emphasize the best details about the home and make sure they get the proper attention.

Fix What You Can

You may not want to make any huge investments to update or renovate your property, but you should at least take care of the little things.

The fewer complaints a buyer may bring up the better. Simple repairs like replacing cabinet hardware or faulty ceiling fans can go a long way when attracting potential home buyers.

Looks Aren’t Everything, But They Matter

Purchasing a house is a big decision. While buyers will typically approach it with logic and reason, ultimately, the final decision will be an emotional one.

You want your house to have as much emotional appeal as possible, which is why proper staging is paramount.

Don’t overlook these important steps:

●        Make sure the house is perfectly clean and free of clutter.

●        If you have the budget, consider having a professional stage it.

●        If staging it yourself, make the home as appealing and eye-catching as possible.

When You Live in the Home You’re Selling

One of the great challenges of selling a home is that homeowners often have to live in their home while it’s being shown. If you need to sell your home before purchasing your next one, the real estate showing period can be a difficult time.

Industry experts recommend depersonalizing a home so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your space. Since you don’t know how long your house is going to be on the market, this can mean an indefinite amount of time when your home has to look unlived in.

It also means you may have to spend a sizable chunk of change on storage for your belongings and staging for your home even if you’re staging it yourself.

Here are a few industry-recommended ways to add visual appeal when staging your home without a professional:

●        Remove and donate or store at least half of your personal belongings.

●        Remove all window coverings to flood your home with natural light.

●        To make windows feel taller, add light and breezy floor-length window coverings several inches above the natural frame of your windows.

●        Add mirrors to brighten a small space. A larger mirror can make a home feel professionally curated.

●        Stage your bathroom using bright white towels to create a spa-like energy.

●        Invest in appropriately sized rugs rather than too-small ones.

●        Replace 25% of bookshelf items with accent pieces like vases.

●        Remove all personal photographs and items.

●        Add colorful accent pieces.

Be Realistic With Expectations

While it may feel counterintuitive, be upfront about your home’s flaws. Trying to hide the negatives can end up undermining you just before closing.

You don’t need to broadcast the home’s flaws, but don’t go to any great lengths to obscure them. Honesty will pay dividends in the end.

When it comes to pricing, be competitive. This doesn’t mean you need to give your home away, but if you go too high, your time spent on the market before finding a buyer will increase.

Finding the middle ground in pricing helps to have a speedy sale while providing an adequate return on your investment.

You Can Sell Your Ugly Home for Cash

Another option to sell your ugly home is to consider a cash buyer. There are several benefits to selling for cash when you feel your other options are limited.

Here are several reasons why selling your ugly home for cash can benefit you!

No Appraisal Process

You don’t have to worry about your home’s appraisal coming in low.

No Home Inspection

Worried about the results of an inspection? Don’t. Cash offers can let you avoid the process of having your home inspected.

You can even sell your home as-is. There’s no need to update the home or even get it professionally cleaned.

Fast Closing Process

Cash offers can make the process quicker and easier if you need to split the equity in your home.

The closing process is also quicker, so you can get out and get into your new home.

No Financial Headaches

Investors have money, and they’re looking for houses to flip or rent. Have them make an offer, and you can decide if the amount is right for you.

You don’t have to deal with the headache of financing. No more worrying about loans and mortgages. These types of offers bring cash to the table.

There are no restrictions based on the type of mortgage the buyer brings. While some buyers are limited by FHA or USDA loans, cash offers do not have the same restrictions.

Get Paid Cash

You can be flexible with the money you earn. Plus, if you put that money down on a new home, you have instant equity.

There are fewer commission fees. Keep more of the money you earn by selling your home for cash.


An investor typically won’t back out of a cash offer.

Less Paperwork

Cash offers require less paperwork, so you don’t feel like you’re signing your life away if you accept this type of offer.

Freedom to Move On Quickly

You can ditch the money pit. Have you been sinking way too much money into your home and getting nowhere? Accepting a cash offer can get you out of that situation and into a new home faster.

Meet Bill and Sell Your House Fast

If you need to sell your house as-is fast or you don’t love the idea of living in a home while you show it to strangers, skip the hassle of fixing your house up and waiting on the market. At Bill Buys Houses, we can give you an offer and have your ugly house sold in a week.

To get an offer today or learn how we buy houses, contact us online or call 651-270-9191.

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